Bmw 3 Series Review

Handsome styling complements athletic performance in the 2018 BMW 3 Series, earning this well-rounded sports sedan a ranking in the top half of its class.
Comfortable, spacious seats
Robust available engines
Handling blends agility with comfort.

Few standard features
Options quickly increase price
Uninspiring standard engine.

New for 2018

Rearview camera now comes as standart.

The 3 Series is a brilliant example of a well-made, well-balanced sports sedan. The current generation is backed by capital crash test results and above-average reliability scores.

As long as you bypass the base engine (which will feel unenergetic to spirited drivers), you'll enjoy the sprightly handling that comes with every model. In addition to the ample offering of powertrains, BMW tenders a wide range of possibilities for customizing your 3 Series, including three body styles (sedan, wagon, and hatchback) and a long list of stand-alone goodies.

The 3 Series isn't alone in the grouping of sport-tuned compact cars – the Audi A4 has similar performance, and most test drivers say the Alfa Romeo Giulia wins out overall.