S Class Overview

The 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the ultimate luxury sedan. Whether you care more about performance or interior opulence, the S-Class delivers, making it one of the finest automobiles on the market.
Lavish, feature-filled interior
Outstanding seats
Powerful twin-turbo engines
Cushioned ride.

Coupe and cabriolet models have small trunks
Modest learning curve for infotainment system.

New for 2018

New V6-powered base model (S 450)
More powerful V8 in S 560 and AMG S63
More active safety features, including autonomous driving options.

What Mercedes has to offer is luxury, powerful engines and a thrilling driving experience. This Mercedes offers plenty of features. To top it off, both rows of seats provide plenty of space and support, regardless of body style.

The dash’s two huge instrument and display screens are all clarity and logic. They’ve been updated and now more closely resemble what you get in the new E-Class, which is fine by us.

Mercedes is one of the few manufacturers that hasn’t gone doolally for touchscreens, and good as the A8’s twin-screen setup is, it’s still not as intuitive as having a dedicated, physical control.

Said screens are set in beautifully worked leather, wood and metal, and most ergonomics are just-so. Those familiar with Mercedes will notice the new steering wheel, with its touchpads and cruise control, erm, controls. It’s a bit button-heavy, but you get used to it.

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