The New Audi A5 Review

The 2018 Audi A5 is completely redesigned, and it emerges as one of the best vehicles in the class. It features a high-end interior, thrilling performance, and a long list of features.
Opulent interior
Long features list
Strong engine
Outstanding front seats.

Small trunk in coupe and cabriolet models
Cramped rear seat in coupe and cabriolet models.

New features for 2018

Completely redesigned
All-new A5 Sportback introduced.

Audi A5 is a great car with a few faults. It boasts a lineup of powerful engines, athletic handling, and standard all-wheel drive. It even manages pretty good fuel economy. The A5 elegant cabin includes comfortable and spacious front seats. Additionally, the features list is longer than a giraffe’s neck.

The A5 is available in coupe, convertible, and hatchback body styles. While the coupe and convertible models are a little short on rear-seat and trunk space, the hatchback offers plenty of room for people and cargo alike.

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