2019 Audi Q8 Review, Pros And Cons

The new 2019 Audi Q8 has a spacious cabin, decent materials and reliable handling, but engine power and output are a little short.
• Long-range of standard applications
• Elegant cabin.
• So - so strength and acceleration
• Below-average fuel economy
• Low learning curve for innovative features.

With plenty of wood, metal and leather touches, the Audi Q8 cabin is impeccably built. The dash and the center stack are dominated by a new double-screen infotainment set-up that, although less than previous Audi-interfaces, gives the Q8 an impression of the age of space. In both lines, particularly at back, passenger comfort is excellent.
 Handling is more focused on comfort and stability, but the Q8 still has some excitement to take turns.

How many people does the Q8 fit ?

Q8 seats five people. There is plenty of leg and headroom on the front for taller drivers and passengers. Standard heated and adjustable seats make the driving position relaxing. Seat features include changing strength, ventilation and massage functions on 12 or 18-way settings.
The rear is nearly as nice as the front. The rear headroom is ample despite the coupe-like sloping roof. Second-row seats slide to give passengers with long legs room to comfortably stretch.
On the rear outboard seats, the Q8 has two complete sets of rear-sat LATCH connections.

The interior of the 2019 Q8 is great and features regular wooden ash and aluminum trimmings. The standard leather seats can be outfitted with premium Valcona leather. The new Audi dual-screen infotainment system fluctuates seamlessly with the cabin's design.

Q8 infotainment

In terms of in-car technology, the new Q8 reflects Audi's huge leap forward. The Q8 incorporates almost everything in a dual touch screen interface rather than a single-screen infotainment configuration with a central control key. The top screen is 10.1 inches tall and sits in the dash directly on the right of the steering wheel of your view. Underneath, there is an 8.6-inch screen and a simple switch to the center console. On this lower screen, you can switch climate controls and other comfort functions and it is handwritten also.
All displays use a haptic touch or sound input when you press a digital button, although it might take a bit longer to click than tap on your thumb.

The Q8 is fitted with the fantastic 12.3-inch virtual cockpit display. Also, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay come as standard. For easier access, some data features such as navigation can be transferred to this screen. Free Wi-Fi and a 17-or 23-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system are also available.

Q8 engine

There is a 335-hour V6 engine under the hood of the Audi Q8. SUV hurls very well, but when you are loaded with cargo or people you can find some leniency. The standard 8-speed automatic drivetrain works smoothly, although it can keep trains too long.

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